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Faces of Fresno Livestock

Col. Phil Tews (2013)

Col. Michael Imbrogno (2013)

2013 Office Staff
Charlotte, Cindy, Wendy, Carrie, Rebecca

2013 Cattle Department: Ben, Helen

2013 Hog Department: Brooke, Frankie, Esteban, Melina, Jesse, Luis

2013 Goat/Sheep Department: Jeff, Arturo, Andrew, Richard, Clarissa, Darren, Sara

Col. Phil Tews & Clerk Helen Thur (2017)

Col. Johnny Borba & Clerk Rebecca Jobe (2017)

2013 Office Staff
Daisy, Haley, Helen, Cindy, Tina, Sara, Rebecca

2017 Cattle Department: Rodney, Stacey, Sam, Anthony, Joe

2017 Hog Department: Jesse, Lisa, Casey, Sarah, Melina, Makayla

2017 Goat/Sheep Department: Abel, Richard, Arturo, Leonel, Adrian
Luis, Anthony, Presley, Amanda, Haley, Daisy, Casey